NIREUS once again innovates with its new product line "Ed e Subito Mare"


NIREUS once again innovates with its new product line

On November 20, 2018, NIREUS' new “Ed e Subito Mare” product lines were successfully launched at one of our customer’s stores, the well-known multinational supermarket chain “AUCHAN” in Turin, Italy.

The new “Ed e Subito Mare” products belong to the category of ready to cook meals. They are available in sea bream and sea bass, fillets and whole fish cleaned and ready to cook, within 10', on wax paper. They are available in practical portion packages and in 6 different unique recipes with spicy and savory ingredients, such as whole sea bream with sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, white wine and spices, as well as, sea bass with pure virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, capers, green olives and rosemary, which combine basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet along with the guarantee of NIREUS for its excellent quality of fish.

NIREUS innovates once again with its products, as it is the first time that ready-to-cook fish is available fresh on the Italian market. The selection of the Italian market for the launch of "Ed e Subito Mare" was based on the criterion that Italy is the country with the largest consumption of sea bream and sea bass worldwide. It is worth noting that NIREUS' new product lines respond to the demands of modern consumers for ease of use and cooking as regards fresh fish consumption, while simultaneously ensuring guaranteed branded quality and Mediterranean delicacy.

In 2019, the “Ed e Subito Mare” product lines will be placed on the shelves of Italy's largest supermarket chains.