NIREUS’ Participation at the 2018 Seafood Expo Global Exposition


NIREUS’ Participation at the 2018 Seafood Expo Global Exposition

Nireus, participated this year, as every year, at the Seafood Expo Global. The exposition was held in Brussels from 24 to 26 April 2018.

Seafood Expo Global is the world’s largest trade exposition in the fish and seafood industry.

This year, 1.946 professionals from all over 78 countries participated. One of this year’s features was the extremely high attendance of international visitors, with a crowd of more than 28.500 people “spilling out” of the overflowing exhibition halls.

Our exhibition stand made an impression given that its core focus was on the clean seas in which we have grown our fish for 30 years now. We also intensely promoted our award-winning pagrus, emphasizing its distinctive taste, rich texture and its unique color, features which mainly attracted several guest-customers at our stand.
In addition to the stand, our company was also featured on the website, exhibition map and mobile app.

Additionally, we designed a gift package containing oregano, olive oil and salt in combination with a booklet with Nireus’ recipes for sea bream and sea bass. The gift was shared amongst all guests, encouraging them to trust our company for the fish we provide, thus enjoying a full, delicious and healthy Mediterranean meal.

Nireus, in its 30 years of operation, has taken the lead in customer preferences for Mediterranean Aquaculture products, a fact which is substantiated each and every year through its commercial contacts and partnerships that are developed during the exposition event.