Our Vision and our Mission

Our Vision

Ever since our company was founded, its vision has been to establish itself as a leader in Mediterranean Aquaculture, among the top five fish producers, by producing healthy products of high nutritional value and affordable prices for the consumer, meeting the needs of its shareholders, its employees, the environment and the social needs of the regions where it operates.

Our Mission

We produce delicious, healthy seafood products of high nutritional value and affordable prices that improve people’s lives and high-quality, innovative products that add value to our clients’ businesses.


Our Goals

  • To remain pioneers in the aquaculture sector internationally and to further strengthen our leading position.
  • To increase our production and introduce new products.
  • To lay emphasis on the vertical integration of the production and to achieve added value.
  • To respect the environment.
  • To increase productivity and efficiency for the benefit of our shareholders.
  • To establish long-term planning for the benefit of the consumers, shareholders and our personnel through the setting of a business plan and long-term goals.
  • To successfully meet the challenges and demands of the domestic and global market.
  • To seek transparency in the structure, operation and production of the company.