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Notification for important changes on voting rights – Law 3556/2007

In compliance with Law 3340/2005 (referring to the protection of the Greek capital market from actions of individuals with access to inside information and from intended actions to manipulate the market) and the Decision  n .3/347/12.7.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission,  the company applies a transactions disclosure process for all individuals liable , as defined by applicable law



Pursuant to the provisions of L. 3556/2007 and after a proxy form received from Linnaeus Capital Partners B.V., NIREUS SA notifies that the percentage of direct voting rights  owned by Linnaeus Capital Partners B.V. and attached to shares of its issuance (amounting to 23,592% of the total number of voting rights of the company, namely 15.027.577 shares) will be exercised by proxy holders at their absolute discretion (Vadim Dubrovin and / or Vasileios-Panagiotis Douzenis and/or Evangelia Petroglou) during the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the company on 20 April 2015.The threshold crossed by the person(s) subject to the notification obligation is 20%.  The total number of voting rights before the proxy was below the minimum reporting limit.  After the proxy, the total number of voting rights attached to shares amounts to  15.027.577 (directly) and the total percentage of voting rights amounts to 23,592%  (directly).This percentage is applicable only to the General Meeting and ceases to exist after it.  According to the proxy form, all the aforementioned changes in voting rights are also valid for any Repetitive General Meeting or postponed General Meeting thereof.