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Announcement in relation to business development


NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA announces to the investing public that on 12 March 2019  it received from the shareholders of Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank and National Bank of Greece the following correspondence letters with the following contents :

"The (Bank) hereby informs NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA (hereinafter" NIREUS ") that, in the context of the sale of its participation in NIREUS and in particular by virtue of the 20.6.2018 private share purchase agreement concluded by Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank and the National Bank of Greece with Andromeda Seafood Limited as the buyer (hereinafter the "Buyer"), the European Commission (DG Comp) issued the decision, number and date M.9110 / 15.2.2019 (the " E.U Decision). The EU Decision approved the acquisition of the joint control of Andromeda / Nireus / Selonda under the condition that the specific commitments will be met by the disclosed interested parties.

In order to meet the conditions set out in the EU Decision and to accelerate the completion of the transaction, a monitoring trustee will be appointed, who will be an independent party, so as to monitor the process and inform the European Commission on the implementation of the commitments under the terms of the EU Decision.

In view of the above, the Bank informs NIREUS that it has decided to instruct its financial advisers Lazard Freres SAS, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Alvarez & Marsal as well as its legal adviser Koutalidis Law Firm to monitor the management of the procedures and the necessary preparatory actions, so that with the cooperation of NIREUS , where necessary and within the framework of the existing legislation and regulatory capabilities and obligations, they assist in the implementation of the necessary Commitments as per EU Decision".

With regards to the above letter, the company reminds that it is not an interested party to the above and states that its role is ancillary in providing the information  which will be requested in the context of contributing to the progress of procedures, acting in the interests of the company and abiding by the law and its statutes.