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Notification for important changes on voting rights – Law 3556/2007


Pursuant to the provisions of L. 3556/2007, NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA notifies that the percentage of direct voting rights attached to shares of its issuance that may be exercised by ALPHA BANK to proxy holder Mr Michael Zacharioudakis, Mr Petros Kloniadis, Mrs Thessalia Konstantinou during the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the company on 8 September 2017 , amounts to 20,65% of the total number of voting rights of the company, namely 60.207.070 shares.
The threshold crossed by the person(s) subject to the notification obligation is 20%.  The total number of voting rights before the triggering transaction was below the minimum reporting limit.  After the triggering transaction, the total number of voting rights attached to shares amounts to  60.207.070 (directly) and the total percentage of voting rights amounts to 20,65%  (directly).
This percentage is applicable only to the General Meeting and ceases to exist after it.  According to the proxy form, all the aforementioned changes in voting rights is also valid for any Repetitive General Meeting.