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Invitation for the conversion of the Company’s convertible bonds


NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA informs that the twentieth fifth date for the exercise of the conversion right of the convertible bonds into shares is Monday, 23 October 2017, and notifies the process of conversion of the Company`s convertible bond loan traded in the Athens Exchange, issued on 12/7/2007, with conversion price 0.31 euro, conversion ratio 44,3871 shares and Bondholders Representative Eurobank Ergasias Bank SA.
The right to convert the bonds into shares may be exercised, for the bonds that have been dematerialized, three (3) business days before the date of the conversion with a written statement of the bondholder to the Bondholders Representative, Eurobank Ergasias Bank.  The bondholders may exercise the right to convert the total number or a part of their bonds.
In addition to the written statement, the bondholders must bring to the Bondholders Representative:
1. the original blocking certificate for the bonds they wish to convert
2. a recent copy of their account in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS).

NIREUS SA settles the liability for the repayment of the debenture capital with the credit of the shares resulting from the conversion at the Dematerialized Securities Sytem (DSS).

The new shares from the conversion of the Company`s bonds are entitled to a dividend from the profits of the fiscal year at which the right of conversion was exercised.
The bondholders may request the dematerialization of their bond certificates from the Bondholders Representative, Eurobank Ergasias Bank.
The required documents for the dematerialization of the bond certificates are:
1.The bond certificates.
2. A copy of the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS) data record
3. The official Identity Card.
The Company will notify for the credit and the commencement of trading of the new shares at the Athens Exchange with a subsequent announcement. For further information Bondholders may contact Eurobank Ergasias Bank, , Investor Information Service, 8 Iolkou & Filikis Etairias Street , Building A, level 2, 142 34 Athens, tel. : +30 210 35 22400 between 9:30 am and 14:00 p.m. or the Shareholder Relations & Corporate Announcements Ms Korina Melioti, tel +30 210 66 98 224.