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NIREUS was founded in Chios in 1988. In its 25-year presence, it has managed through a series of important investments to become a major aquaculture company of international repute. With facilities in Greece, Spain and Turkey, Nireus is the biggest producer of Mediterranean aquaculture species in the world. It has a fully vertical integration structure, controlling all stages of production and having its own production facilities for spawn, fish feeds and aquaculture equipment. The production structure of the company consists of:
4 hatcheries
3 pre-growing units and 1 research and development genetic centre
31 fish farms
5 packaging units
1 processing unit
2 fish feeds factories

Nireus, a leader in Mediterranean Aquaculture, produces a series of products of high nutritional value:  Sea Bass, Sea Bream and Meagre, which are sold whole, gutted or filleted, fresh or frozen.
The effective sales and distribution network, the guaranteed high quality of the products and the respect for the environment have made the company the main supplier of the largest super market chains in Europe.
In 2009, the company made a strategic move by creating a logistic center in Milan, Italy in cooperation with the Tradimar company.
In this way Nireus can sell its products both on the Italian market and in other European countries more effectively and with benefits for its customers.
With exports to more than 35 countries, it offers a dynamic contribution to the Greek national product, the primary sector of production as well as the production and social fabric of the country.
Nireus, remaining faithful to its aim for outward orientation, invests both in the production and the commercial sector, aiming at further development, taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the international market and offering top quality products.

In the business sector, the Nireus Group has received many awards from International Organizations, in recognition of the high quality of its products and its successful exporting dynamism.