• Investors Relations Officer
    Leontidis Epaminondas
    Tel.+30 210 6698225
    Fax +30 210 6627404
    e-mail n.leontidis@nireus.com
    Shareholders Relations & Corporate Announcements Officer
    Melioti Korina
    Tel.+30 210 6698224
    Fax +30 210 6627404
    e-mail k.melioti@nireus.com
    e-mail irodpt@nireus.com

Transparency and Communication

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Department provides systematic and symmetric information on the progress of the Company and the Group to institutional and private investors.
The Investor Relations Department has the following responsibilities:

to provide direct and symmetric information to the shareholders and to assist them in exercising their rights according to the law and the Company’s Articles of Association.
More specifically:
• to deliver immediate, correct and equal service to all shareholders with regard to:
o dividend distributions, new share issues, allocation, subscription, disclaimer and conversion, the time limits within which rights should be exercised or the changes in the initial time limits
o information about the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings and their decisions
• to distribute the Annual Financial Report to the shareholders during the Annual Ordinary General Meeting, according to the legislation
• to keep and update the Company’s shareholders registry according to current legislation.

to make corporate announcements and ensure the compliance of the Company with the legal framework for listed companies
More specifically:
• to notify the competent authorities of the Athens Exchange and the Capital Markets Commission for all significant business development according to L. 3340/2005 and the relevant decisions of HCMC
• to disclose acquisitions or disposals of major holdings, as defined by L. 3556/2007
• to notify the investment public of insider transactions and transactions of shareholders crossing certain thresholds according to the decision 3/347/12.07.2005 of the HCMC and the laws 3340/2005 and 3356/2007.
• To prepare the list of the persons who have access to inside information and to ensure the application of all relevant obligations, according to the provisions of articles 5&6 of the decision 3/347/12-7-2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the L.3340/2005.