Sustainable Development

We welcome you to the area of Sustainable Development Reports and Sustainable Development of our Group.

Acknowledging the increasing significance of informing all stakeholders as regards the values ​​that govern the Company, the Group and the impacts on the economy, society and the environment, we have proceeded with a major enrichment of the contents and structure of our Report, in accordance with the GRI Global Sustainability Reporting Standards and Worldwide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

Since its establishment, NIREUS has been constantly focusing on the value of business development with respect to both the environment and to people. The Group has, for a number of consecutive years, been supporting international voluntary initiatives such as the UN Global Compact, endorsing the ten principles on labour issues, human rights, combating corruption and protecting the environment. Furthermore, we are implementing a number of measures and procedures which enhance due corporate governance and responsibility.

Having as our valuable guide the major issues of sustainable development as these have been raised through the feedback of all participants, we will continue, with enthusiasm, in planning an improved course of action in all areas, in order that you be able to confirm our progress in each forthcoming year.

For further information please refer to the Sustainable Development Report.