Environment Control

Environmental sustainability is a key factor for the viability of aquaculture and a means to achieve this is the continuous monitoring of the environmental aspects of this activity. The environmental and ecological aspects of aquaculture are approached and managed in a responsible way with a view to maintaining the functions of the ecosystem and the biodiversity. At the same time, the fact that there are other activities and organisms that depend on the same ecosystem should be acknowledged.

The actions of Nireus in order to secure environmental sustainability are the following:
• Careful selection of the locations where the production units will be installed so that the aesthetics of the natural environment is not disturbed.
• Continuous enhancement of the facilities and the equipment, so that they integrate in the environment and the aesthetics of the place is not disturbed.
• Monitoring the physical & chemical parameters of the water where the breeding takes place in order to locate promptly any changes, in order to maintain the marine ecosystem
• Management of solid waste by using of materials that are environment- friendly and by encouraging recycling
• Management and monitoring of liquid waste in order to avoid aggravating the environment
• Natural resources management with a view to reducing energy consumption
• Escape preventions plans: Astakos, Fokida, South Evia and Thesprotia