Nireus Select® Bronzini (Mediterranean Sea Bass)

Nireus Select® Dorade (Mediterranean Sea Bream)


Nireus Select® is PREMIUM GREEK FISH that is:


Prized by the most discerning chefs around the globe for its texture, flavor and taste

Sold in sleeved boxes

Supported by custom designed promotional material to help you boost sales:

  • sleeved boxes
  • countercards
  • recipe cards
  • leaflets
  • photography
  • videos
  • posters

Available year round

Product details
Fresh and fresh frozen, whole and processed, with guaranteed net weight

Product Range and grading
Fish, Whole/Round and Processed*(gutted gilled scaled) size grades

200g-300g, 300g-400g, 400g-600g, 600g-800g, 800g-1000g, 1000g+
*Processed fish size grades are for whole/round equivalent

Skin-on Hand Filleted Fillets size grades
70g-90g, 90g-120g, 120g-150g, 150g-180g

Fresh products: 3kg, 6kg, and 10 kg EPS boxes

Frozen products: 5 kg carton boxes with glaze (0%, 5%, 10%)
*For large orders, we can offer special grading and packaging.


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