4th Fish Masterclass from NIREUS "Eyes on Fish"


Training session for the fish staff personnel of AB Vassilopoulos’ store in Thessaloniki

4th Fish Masterclass from NIREUS

The 4th training seminar to AB Vassilopoulos' selected fish shop staff held on Friday, November 8th at the Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki was successfully completed.

AB staff was also very excited this year, enriching their knowledge of the Mediterranean fish production process and nutritional value.

Participants watched a modern educational video that narrated the entire NIREUS’ value chain, as they were unable to visit the company's fattening and packaging units.

The workshop ended with a culinary demonstration by chef Georgos Tsoulis, who cooked 2 special recipes with NIREUS’ sea bream and sea bass.

Snapshots of the training session hereby follow.