Working at Nireus

In the group, apart from the workers, who work in production and form the main part of our workforce, there are also employees of various specialties due to the nature of the industry: Ichthyologists, Ichthyopathologists, Biologists, Agriculturalists, Veterinarians, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electricians, Food Technologists, Divers, Economists, Accountants, Salesmen and other specialties.

In most areas, our Group is the biggest and most preferable employer due to the great dispersion of our company's sites. Selection of staff is based on merit, qualities and qualifications, past experience and interviews, when necessary. In the provinces, we prefer employees residing in the areas where our units are located in order to support the local communities.

Job descriptions have been designed for all work posts and every department has a detailed organizational chart. A program has also been designed for the reception and integration of the new executives into the company.

The application of a Performance Appraisal System started in 2009 for the company employees and is based on quantitative and qualitative targets, which are set every year in line with the strategic aims of the company and are communicated to the employees.

The results of the Performance Appraisal System show among other things the training needs of the employees which, in combination with the long term career planning of our people, determine the educational program of each year, as our main concern is the development of our people through their continuous training.