Sea Bream

Νιreus Sea Bream; a fish rich in taste and nutritional value; harvested on a daily basis in the Greek clear waters, ready to enjoy

  • Νutritional Information per 100gr
  • Energy 168kcal/ 699kj
  • Proteins 20,6%
  • Carbohydrates 0%
  • Fats 9,5%
  • Dietary Fiber <0,5

Nireus Sea Bream is a fish rich in taste and nutritional value that is harvested daily from the crystal clear Greek waters so that you can enjoy it on your plate. Sea Bream is an ideal fish to grill or barbeque. Combine it with a rich sauce of extra virgin olive oil and lemon and accompany it with a green salad. Young and old alike will love the taste and it will bring the values of Mediterranean diet to your table.