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Frequently Asked Questions


Whom should I contact to change my personal details in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS)?
The application for any change in your personal details in the DSS is submitted to your brokerage firm, which sends it to the Hellenic Exchanges (HELEX).  The Shareholders Registry of the Company is updated automatically by the Hellenic Exchanges as soon as the new data is recorded.


How can I collect the dividend/interim dividend of the company?

The dividend is paid in the following ways:
• For those shareholders who have authorized their Operator to collect dividends, through their designated Operator in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS). 
• For those shareholders who have requested an exception from their DSS operators or cannot be credited for various reasons, through the branch network of the Bank that makes the dividend payments.  The name of the Bank is reported at the relevant announcement of the Company for the dividend payment.

Is there any final date for the collection of dividend?
Dividends that are not collected within 5 years from the end of the year in which the dividend was paid are rendered in favor of the Greek state.

Who collects dividends from pledged shares? 
Dividends from pledged shares are collected according to the terms specified in the pledge contract.

How can I get certificates for dividends – interim dividends?
According to legislation, the Company issues the certificates for dividends.   The certificates are sent to the shareholders upon request.


Is it mandatory to participate in a share capital increase with rights issue?
The participation in a subscribed share capital increase with pre-emption rights is optional.

Pre-emption rights in a rights issue have the shareholders of the Company who are registered with the share registry of the Hellenic Exchanges SA at the closing of the last business day determined as ex-rights day and those who acquire pre-emption rights during the pre-emption rights trading period on the Athens Exchange.
Pre-emption rights that are not exercised during the subscription period cease to exist.

What actions should I take to participate in a stock dividend?
When a stock dividend is issued, the new shares are credited automatically to the accounts of the shareholders.  Consequently, you don’t need to take any action.

What does the term “stock split” mean?
A stock split is the creation and distribution of new shares without payment.  A stock split increases the number of the shares of a company and the new shares are distributed to existing shareholders.  The price of the share and the par value are adjusted while the market capitalization of the company remains the same.

Where can I get my certificates for corporate actions?
The Investor Relations Department issues all the certificates for corporate actions (i.e. share capital increase, stock dividend, stock splits) to the beneficiaries.  The certificates are issued for tax purposes and at the request of the shareholders.


What actions should I take to become a legitimate heir?
If the deceased was a shareholder of the Company, then the heir or its legal representative must produce the required documents to the company.  You may find the list of required documents at the website of the Athens Exchange.

What actions should I take after I become a legitimate heir?
The Investor Relations Department of the Company will contact you as soon as the legitimization documents have been sent to the Hellenic Exchanges (HELEX).  The next step for you is to contact HELEX (Estates Services) to settle the commission for the transfer of shares.

What are the contact details of the Investor Relations Department?
For inheritance matters you may contact the Investor Relations Department of NIREUS.  The contact details are:

Investor Relations Department
1st km Koropi – Vari Ave & Dimokritou
19400 Koropi Attica

Tel +30 210 66 98 224

Fax +30 210 66 27 404

Email irodpt@nireus.com