Our History

Nireus started operating in Chios in 1988 as a fattening unit. In 1991 we constructed and operated the first fish hatchery unit, aiming at vertical integration of our production.

Since the early 90s, with acquisitions and investments, we have significantly increased our productivity. Since 1995 we have been listed in Athens Stock Exchange. In 1996 we founded the company “PROTEUS EQUIPMENT”.

Dynamic movements continued the next year with the purchase of a plant in Koropi where, in 1997, began the operation of processing plants, packaging, storage and transhipment of fish products, along with the relocation of the head office and our offices.

Our objectives with a view to total vertical integration of production began to take shape in 1998 with the founding of FEEDUS and the start of production of fish feed. At the same time we expanded our activities in the United Arab Emirates, with participation in the INTL FISH FARMING COMPANY.

Our group had already made some significant steps, but the further strengthening of our position in the field of food and aquaculture has always been a powerful incentive. In 1999, we bought and participated in companies SARANTIS-EUROCATERERS and FOKIDA FISH FARM. By 2001 we had completely restructured our group through takeovers (AEGEAS SA - OINOUSSES AQUACULTURE), acquisitions (ICHTHIOFARMA Ltd) and holdings (INTERPESCA SA).

In 2003 we established and operated “BLUE FIN TUNA HELLAS SA” in which we participate together with SELONDA SA and AUSTRALIAN FISHING ENTERPRISES, while in the period 2005-2006 we participated in ILKNAK with a view to expanding in the Turkish market.

In 2007 we went ahead with the acquisition of Spanish Predomar, with juvenile pre-growing facilities. In 2009 we started production in cages, aiming at the local market. 

In 2008 we built the largest juvenile pre-fattening unit in Greece, located in the region of Thesprotia.

Apart from acquisitions and investments, we entered dynamically the field of brand name products by signing an agreement with AB VASILOPOULOS for the sale of branded aquaculture products through its stores.

Since 2009 we have operated a sales office in Milan, Italy.

We have managed to make our vision reality. We are a global leader.