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Countries Producers

Mediterranean fish farming started in the 1980s with the farming of seabass and it soon expanded to the farming of seabream. Development was rapid and now Mediterranean fish farming is the second most important sector of marine fish farming after the farming of salmon and trout.

Νote: FEAP Production Report 2018, that contains the relevant figures for 2017, has not been published yet.


Greece, Turkey and Spain are the main countries producers of seabream and seabass and maintain a share of approximately 80% of the world production. The remaining 20% is produced in Italy, France, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus and countries of N. Africa and Middle East. 

The following chart shows the evolution of the production per country since 2000.


There are more than 60 active fish farming companies in Greece with aggregate sales in 2016 of over 550 million €. They provide direct and indirect employment to 12.000 people in remote areas and their sea installations cover an area of 7.8 square km. (in comparison, the area of Athens international airport is 16.5 square km.) The 3 largest companies account for 60% of aggregate sales.



Greek fish farming is export-oriented and one of the major export sectors of the Greek economy. Exports amount to 78% of the total production. The main destination of Greek farmed fish is Europe.


The Greek fish farming industry accounts for less than 0.4% of the of the Greek gross domestic product, but fish exports account for more than 2% the country’s exports and 10% of primary exports. According to data from the National Statistical Service, in 2017 fresh and frozen fish exports captured the third place behind exports of fruits-nuts and fats-oils.

Industry                  2017 Exports Value (€)
Fruits - Nuts800.117.512
Fats - Oils550.733.019