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Sector Glossary

Aquaculture:  the farming of aquatic organisms (freshwater and marine animals and plants) in a controlled environment.  It includes the farming of fish, shellfish, algae, crustaceans, plants that grow in the water, shrimp, etc

Biological sales:  the sales of fish and juveniles produced by the company

Broodstock:  fish that has been selected for breeding

Fish farming:  the farming of freshwater and marine fish in a controlled environment.

Fish feed:  food for fish produced industrially. The main ingredients are fish oil, fish meal, wheat, soya, corn and vitamins.  The European Union prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms for the production of fish feed.

Juvenile:  small fish, up to 10 grams, fed with fish feed.

Mariculture:  the farming of marine organisms (animals and plants) in a controlled environment.

Non-biological sales:  the sales of third-party fish and juveniles, the sales of fish feed and other non-biological products produced by the company, the merchandise.

Packaging center:  a place where whole fish is selected, sorted and packed for the market.

Processing:  the preparation of fish for the market that includes one or more of the following processes:  gutting, scaling, freezing and filleting.