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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Company's Board of Directors has been elected by the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders on 27/11/2019 and consists of experienced business and financial advisers, ensuring the effective development of the Group's strategy and the supervision of all the functions of the company, as follows:

 George Frangoulis of Panteleimonos, President and CEO - Executive Member

Mr. Frangoulis started  his career in 1979 as an Assistant Accountant with Greco Impex Trading Co and in 1988, he  became Assistant Auditor of Coopers & Lybrand. From 1990 to 1992, he was Senior Consultant at Andersen Consulting.

In 1992, he assumed the role of Group Human Resources Director at Delta Dairy S.A., a market leader in dairy products in Greece, with worldwide operations. At the same time, since 1994, he held the position of a Group  Financial Controller with the same company. In 1997 he moved forward his career and joined the team of Accas Textile Group as a Director of the Group Finance & Administration, and in 2001 assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Executive Committee of the YIOULA Group.

 In June 2017, he joined at Andromeda Group as Group Finance & Administration Director and from March 2019 to November 2019 he Chief Executive Officer of Andromeda SA.

Mr. George Fragoulis holds a  Bachelor degree in Economics Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the City University of London.

 Dimitrios Dimitriou of Vasileios, Vice-President - Executive Member

Mr. Dimitrios Dimitriou  began his career at Colgate Palmolive in the Cost Accounting department. In 1989, he was appointed as Supply Chain Finance Manager, while in 1994 he became Senior Financial Analyst, focusing on Business Analysis and Management Reporting. In 1995, he moved to Brussels, where he undertook the role of Team Leader for the implementation of SAP R/3 in 28 European countries with responsibility in  Finance, Controlling and Business Warehouse. In 1999 he moved to Rome, and in 2001, he assumed the position of aChief Financial Officer of Colgate Greece in Athens. In 2004, he assumed the role of CFO & Finance Director in the newly acquired company, Colgate Palmolive, in the field of Oral Hygiene in Switzerland. During this time, he had the responsibility 17 countries, with 6 subsidiaries and production units. Since September 2018, Mr. Dimitriou has assumed the role of CFO at the Andromeda Group.

He studied Shipping Management, and  Accounting & Finance at the American College of Greece.

Ioannis Giannakakis of Emmanuel, Non-Executive Member

Mr. Ioannis Giannakakis is a lawyer at the Supreme Court, having over 29 years of experience as a legal consultant and litigation lawyer, in various sectors  with years of responsibility in global positions such as Nationale- Nederland, Unilever, Novartis anD G4S.

He is specialized in data protection, cyber security and new technologies. He is the No1 - in international certifications –  Greek Data Protection Officer worldwide and Certified Fraud Examiner (Certified Legal Investigator). He was internationally recognized as one of Europe's leading Data Protection Professionals for 2019.

Since September 2019 he has been acting in the capacity as a Legal Adviser of Andromeda Group.

He holds  a law degree from the University of Athens and a master's degree (LLM) in International Law from the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München.


George Vlachos of Samuel, Independent Non-Executive Member.

He born in Athens and studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE). He completed his postgraduate studies as  UN fellow, at the Netherlands Institute for Social Studies, University of Rotterdam (Economics) and the University of Manchester, England in Economic Development and International Economic Relations (Diploma and MA. Econ). He worked at the Ministry of Economic Coordination (1962-1982) and served as a General  Director of the Ministry. He served for 10 years as General Secretary at the Ministries of National Economy (1989-1993) and Merchant Shipping (2004-2010). He worked in the Private Sector as a  Financial Advisor in large Greek and international companies. He also served as General Manager of the Hellenic Federation of Industries in years 1985 - 1989. 

During his tenure, he served as Deputy Commander of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for Greece, Chairman of the Committee on Major Development Projects, Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Second Delor Package, Chairman of the Audit Committees of the Preparatory Committee for Economic and Monetary Union of Europe and many other Inter-Ministerial Committees. He served as Secretary of the Government's Economic Council and Minister of Finance Law Commission (1974-1982).

He performed  Economic Studies and works on Economic Issues, mainly in the areas of Regional Development, Private Investment, Public Debt and Privatization.

Eleni Xintarakou Kyriakoulis, Independent Non-Executive Member

She studied Economics and Accounting at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She  has more than 30 years of experience in various industries and roles in managing and executing key financial, banking and audit projects and taking initiatives for companies ranging from global insurance companies to portfolio companies.

She served on a large number of companies  Board Member and Vice President with decisive authority in the process of decision-making at a Group level. She has extensive experience in cost reduction and tax planning management, IT solutions (including cost accounting and software) in IFRS, which she implemented in the Group  Interamerican / EUREKO.

Mr Georgios Vlachos and Mrs Eleni Xintarakou were nominated by the General Assembly as independent members of the Board of Directors and Mr. Ioannis Giannakakis as non-executive member pursuant of  the Board of Directors decision of 27.11.2019 regarding body composition.