Global Presence

At Nireus, remaining faithful to our aim for outward orientation, we constantly make investments both in the productive and the commercial sector.

A series of commercial agreements, productive investments and acquisitions, formed the basis for the further development of our group, providing us with the opportunity to meet the needs of the international market and offer products in countries where there is high demand.

Turkey is a Mediterranean country; the production conditions prevailing there are similar to those of Greece. We invested in this country, in juvenille production and in fish production in cages, in order to broaden our production basis.

The turkish market has great room for growth in the consumption of our products. A major factor for our choice was also the fact that Turkey is the passage to other neighboring countries, where we intend to penetrate with our products.

Spain is the second country we invested in productively, as the Iberian Peninsula is one of the largest markets of Mediterranean fish in Europe and at the same time it is a traditional market in which Nireus has been active since the beginning of its export activity.

In order to further strengthen our position in the Iberian Peninsula, we invested in a juvenile pre-fattening unit, covering in this way the existing shortage of the local juvenile market. Then, we proceeded in the production of Sea Bream and Sea Bass with an annual production capacity of 2.000 tons.

In this way we aim to further strengthen our position and achieve the greater satisfaction of our customers and consumers.