You ask - We answer


  • How healthy is aquaculture fish?
  • How often can I eat fish?
  • Where can I find Nireus fish?
  • Why should I purchase Nireus fish?
  • Why should I prefer Nireus’ farmed fish from wild catch?
  • How fresh Nireus fish are?


  • What fish feed do we feed a fish in the farms?
  • Do farmed fish have the same nutritional value as wild fish?
  • Do we give antibiotics to fish?
  • How is a fish in a fish farm slaughtered?
  • Consumers, several times, claim that the fish in the fish farm are fatty and not wild catch. For those who follow a diet and say that they do not want to consume a fatty fish what can we answer them?
  • How long does it take for a fish to reach the points of sale from its birth?
  • What is the difference in nutritional value of Nireus’ sea bass and sea bream versus organic?
  • Τhe fish I bought today (e.g. sea bream, pagro maggiore) I do not want to consume it immediately. How many days can I preserve it in my refrigerator? When should I place it in the freezer?
  • Does aquaculture affect the environment?


  • What is traceability?
  • How can you check the quality of a fish?
  • How safe am I from the controls carried out?